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Job Description

The role of Customer Relations (CR) Advisor performs a variety of support for Apple Customers. As a CR Advisor you will be responsible for customer’s recovery and retention. You will handle various complex customer’s issues, will work closely and communicate effectively with different departments to ensure a successful resolution of each case as well as delivering best-in-class customer experience.

Key Qualifications

•Passionate about solving customers’ issues in an efficient and effective manner and committed to keep Apple customers Apple customers.
•Demonstrated willingness to help and assist customers effectively, to resolve their issues fully and to enrich their experience wholly
•Strong communication skills
•Superior interpersonal skills
•Organisational skills; able to discern priorities from urgencies and able to work under tight deadlines and pressure
•Active listening skills
•Negotiation skills
•Outstanding and consistent follow through until full resolution is obtained and customer’s experience is fully addressed
•Excellent problem solving skills
•Able to make sound judgments, understanding and balancing the needs of the customer as well as the needs of the company.
•Be detailed and thorough
•Be analytical while being able to look at the whole picture (see the wood for the trees)
•Be curious and self motivated
•Be target oriented
•Be able to multitask
•Flexible-willing to take on additional tasks and assist in the execution of new projects
•Autonomous and requires little supervision
•Be fluent in English and Italian

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