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Credit Analyst


Job Description

Position Overview

Determines the credit worthiness of customers and potential customers desiring to purchase the Company products and services based upon evaluation of financial condition / ability to pay for such purchase. Manages a portfolio of assigned accounts whose payments to the Company are past due. Contacts past-due accounts to arrange for payments while preserving the Company’s business relationship with the account. Reviews and makes recommendations regarding bad debt or write-offs. Investigates and analyzes credit risks, using available internet and credit agency tools and information.

This position typically reports to Credit Manager (Finance Manager – Operations)


  • Credit Evaluation
  • Conduct financial research regarding the credit worthiness of customers and potential customers, using available credit rating services, annual financial statements, information from financial institutions, other creditors, public/private sector sources, and information obtained directly from customers to determine the viability of extending credit to customers relating to the purchase of the Company’s products and services
  • Investigate information relating to credit applications that is inconsistent with other reported data / information, or that indicates a possible concern with the applicant’s financial / operating stability. As appropriate, contact applicant representatives directly to secure clarifying / supplemental data regarding the issue of concern
  • Make business decisions regarding the viability of extending credit to customers and potential customers using the Company’s established credit matrix and corresponding processes to determine credit worthiness. Identify and approve credit applications of customers whose financial / business performance meets matrix requirements, subject to the Analyst’s assigned financial limitations
  • Identify and disapprove credit applications of customers who’s financial / business performance fails to meet matrix requirements or whose past record of business activity with Autodesk / record of payments indicates an unacceptable credit risk
  • Develop and maintain written documentation of all approved / disapproved credit decisions
  • Develop formal written / oral analysis of marginal credit applications, escalating the credit application to regional credit management for evaluation and determination
  • Ensure supporting credit analysis includes information relating to all factors considered relating to the application’s credit worthiness as defined within the parameters of the credit matrix
  • Manage a portfolio of assigned accounts that are behind schedule in their payments to the Company. Research account financial / operating situation to identify indications of deteriorating financial conditions. Contact customers regarding payment of overdue invoices. Secure information from customers regarding the basis for non-payment, including:
  • Customer’s temporary financial inability to pay the invoice short term
  • Customer’s dissatisfaction with some element of the Company’s products or services and need for resolution of product/service issue prior to payment
  • Customer’s long-term financial insolvency and potential for never paying the invoice
  • Maintain an ongoing program of appraisal and analysis of account activity / payment status. Identify accounts whose continued failure to adhere to payment schedules / honor payments commitments indicates limited potential for securing payments through continued collections efforts
  • Make recommendations as appropriate to department management regarding the viability of transferring accounts to a third party collections agency or legal action
  • As defined by department procedures, recommend the write-off of aged accounts whose payments are more than 360 days overdue


  • Negotiate with customers experiencing short-term financial constraints to secure commitments to pay amounts due in the shortest time possible, (including arrangements for rescheduling of the payments process)
  • Follow up with customers to ensure commitments to pay are honored
  • Team with Company Sales as necessary to secure support for payment
  • Work with dissatisfied customers to identify the nature of the problem relating to the Company’s products and/or services and with Company Operations to arrange for appropriate technical staff support to address/rectify the issue. Team with
  • Company Sales to resolve the customer issue and secure customer payment
  • Meet weekly with department management to review and evaluate the accounts within the assigned portfolio. Provide ongoing updates of client contact / client commitments discuss negotiating strategy / possible alternatives, review performance to date against the Company’s standard metrics
  • Represent the Company and the department in day-to-day activities with both internal and external auditors, providing documentation as required, and information regarding the status / activities relating to accounts under review

Asia-Pacific (APAC)/Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Regional Responsibilities

  • Functions that may not be exclusive to Credit and Collections Analysts in APac and EMEA, but that are requirements of the role in those Geos
    Support the Company’s credit and collections role to clients, communicating in local languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish) and with an effective working awareness of, and regard for the culture of the client’s country, management staff, and employees, as well as local market conditions/ business practices
  • Provide information and guidance to Company management regarding cultural issues relating to financial matters within the clients’ specific country and advice regarding historic processes and procedures for accomplishing timely arrangements for credit and for receipt of customer payment

Minimum Qualifications

4 year degree preferred

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